Plastic not invited: Keeping the New River clean with Hydro Flask®

Did you know 90% of plastic items are used once and thrown out? A seemingly small act like switching your plastic water bottle for a reusable one can be the first stride in your journey to sustainability and the worldwide movement towards a healthier planet.

Our friends at the New River Conservancy want to help young people take the first step. 

We were thrilled when the Conservancy won a grant from Hydro Flask® and The National Park Trust to encourage the elimination of plastic water bottles. 

The habits and actions of young, bright minds will shape the very future of our planet. So New River Conservancy developed a project to engage college students in river clean-ups and encourage them to switch from plastic to reusable bottles with the support of Hydro Flask®.  

Partnering with West Virginia State University, the Conservancy hosted clean-ups. Hydro Flask® provided their signature reusable water bottles. 

Efforts like this are just one of the many reasons that the team at Tigermoth Creative finds working with the NRC especially rewarding. For this project, we created bespoke brochures to teach the variety of ways that young people can change their habits to support conservation efforts. After their hard work along our favorite river, the college students took their Hydro Flask® bottles back to campus, inspired to encourage others to engage with the river and use less plastic. 

Let’s ALL do something “New” and think twice before purchasing plastic — for our rivers and our future.

Abigail Leow is a former Tigermoth Creative intern who has somehow found herself across the pond in Brighton, UK, but couldn’t quite leave Tigermoth life behind. Now providing part-time copywriting support to the team and working full-time as a Content & Marketing Executive at BrightLocal, Abigail spends her (limited) free time baking, gaming, and exploring the local baked-goods scene.