There’s nothing like New love


If you’ve been following Tigermoth for any length of time, you know the kind of work we love to do and the missions we’re eager to get behind.  We go to the agency every day excited not only to pursue our creative passions, but also to be filled with a sense of purpose. We want to see bright, young people get the education they need to do important work in the world. We want our community to be healthier and for our neighbors to live long, fulfilling lives. We want to see our local workforce thrive and support North Carolina’s emergence as a leading center for business growth. And we choose our projects and partnerships accordingly. 

So when the New River Conservancy came to see us and knocked on our signature orange door, we were thrilled about the opportunity to add conservation to our purpose-driven portfolio. Here was a chance to do our part to protect one of the world’s ancient bodies of water, a 320-mile waterway connecting North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. Most everyone at Tigermoth has paddled the New, hiked or biked along her banks, and been told tales of the incredible white water rafting in the New River Gorge National Park. 

The New is near and dear to our hearts (did you know that Lyda’s father was an instrumental advocate who helped save the river back in the 70s?!) It’s our honor to help protect the river — this is true for Tigermoth and for all who support the conservancy and, as such, became a message that permeated their brand narrative. 

“Your talents have helped New River Conservancy become a healthier organization! I wanted to personally send you our monthly newsletter featuring our new website. This was made possible because you believed in us, had the patience to work with us as we grew, and shared your incredible skills with us. The crafted language and ability to tell our story is woven through our messaging. Your impact enables us to continue our work to care for the New River watershed. Thank you for being part of our New River family. I  have hope now and I am personally grateful to each of you!”
Elizabeth S. Underwood, Ph.D.
Executive Director, New River Conservancy


Like many busy and thinly stretched nonprofits, the staff at the New River Conservancy had limited resources for marketing and fundraising communications. To enhance the team’s self-sufficiency, we provided them with a Messaging Toolkit that originated from a discovery workshop that Lyda and I held for the team at one of their outposts in Draper, VA. From the voices and input of NRC’s biologists, conservationists, fundraisers and board members, we crafted a narrative that connects with long-time supporters and potential donors alike. 

This past summer, Lyda and I joined the NRC for their annual meeting (pictured left), where they celebrated the launch of their website and recited their new narrative from the riverbanks; sharing the words together as a group felt like a rallying cry, a song of gratitude and a heartfelt prayer. This team — NRC and Tigermoth — is deeply committed to the New and understands what the river means to the ecosystems and communities that live along it. We feel a sense of responsibility to stand by her. 

This is work we cherish alongside people we respect, championing causes that matter greatly to us and to the world. Just another day at the office.


Headline excerpts from the NRC Messaging Tool-kit. Visit their website to see how they applied their new narrative and to learn more about recreation on the river, river clean-ups, making a donation and more.

Bring New meaning to your life.
Our connection to the river runs deep. So does our responsibility to protect it.
The New River is a natural wonder. It’s our honor to protect her.
We’re restoring the New River — because the river restores us.
When the New River’s strength and health is at stake, our hands are here to build her back up.
We heard the New calling. This is our answer.
There’s always something New to discover.
Our favorite place to be is by her side.
When you give, the river lives.
Need rapid relief? Raft the New.

Andrea Crossley Spencer is Co-founder and Director of Creative Writing at Tigermoth Creative. Her 20-year copywriting career spans advertising agencies and higher education, with a focus on brand messaging and fundraising. A fiction writer on the side, Andrea is represented by Copps Literary Services. She teaches writing workshops to young writers in local schools.