Meet the Team: Savannah Bruffey

Welcome to the TMC interview! What attracted you to Tigermoth Creative?

I’ve always been curious about different forms of storytelling, but I’ve primarily been exposed to the acting side of it. So, when I started hearing Dave talk about all the fun shoots he was a part of, I began asking a million and one questions. Lucky for me, I was able to trick him into bringing me on the team for a bit. The whole team finds the story in everyone, showcasing the best parts of what makes you, YOU. They create a fun and welcoming environment while finding a way to connect everyone through our differences.

In what way is what you do as an actor similar to what you do as a videography intern here?

I believe acting provides you with a chance to become more empathetic. You have to accept other people’s views and portray them. Tigermoth integrates empathy into their work as they listen for the story to emerge. They are really inspired by their clients’ missions and the people they feature. Being able to grow my storytelling in not just an ‘acting’ way is alluring. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend a day in the ER, the classroom, or on the racetrack, capturing a story? And then end it with a fun meal? What a perfect day!

Who is on your playlist right now? What are you reading?

Ugh, I wish I had some indie, no name band to introduce you to… but in reality my playlists are full of Taylor Swift, Elton John and many broadway soundtracks. Can you tell I love drama? 

As far as reading, I’m currently into two books, Pageboy by Elliot Page and Love, Pamela by Pamela Anderson. 

How do you spend your free time outside of Tigermoth?

My perfect day starts off at a thrift store. I love grabbing a little silly coffee and strolling down aisles, hunting for the perfect grandma sweater. Afterward, I enjoy grabbing food with a friend and ending my night by rotting in bed with my cat and watching a documentary.

Where would you take the Tigermoth team out to dinner?

I’m pretty boring; I just want a grilled cheese, a beer, and a location to people-watch. I love guessing who is on their first date and who is on their 1000th date, and what’s a more perfect location for that than Old Town Draught House by UNCG! They also have the most perfect French fries, and who doesn’t want that?

Favorite TV show and why. Have you ever cried at a movie? Which one?

My favorite TV show is obviously ‘Burden of Proof‘ on HBO, wink wink, nod nod. Working on Burden of Proof was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had. Seeing a documentary come together and being a tiny part in telling Jennifer Pando’s story was beyond rewarding, with the added bonus of getting to meet all the amazing people that I did. Also, asking me if I’ve ever cried at a TV show or movie is like asking me if I breathe; I’m a Cancer. I can tell you the plot of a movie right now, and I’ll probably cry, but don’t worry — I’ll spare you that visual.

Early bird or night owl? 

It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I feel like my creativity needs hours to brew, which often leads to late-night crafting. But I also love the feeling of knowing you’re the first one up and have the whole day ahead of you. I guess if you’re making me pick, I’m a night owl? Ugh, let me go to sleep and think about this later…

Who do you subscribe to on YouTube?

Currently, my two obsessions have been the ‘Notes on a Scene’ series on Variety and the ‘Round Table Discussions’ on The Hollywood Reporter. I love hearing about all the tiny details that go into a scene, film, etc. It’s also fascinating to hear people discuss their process of working — how sometimes they can fully explain it, while other times they are unaware of how the magic really gets made.

What’s your comfort food?

The key to my heart is grilled cheese. 

What would your 10-year-old self think about you?

I think 10-year-old me would only be impressed by the fact that I can kinda drive. She would probably also think it’s really cool that I was in a movie but wouldn’t understand why I haven’t won an Oscar or still have zero understanding of how to do my taxes. She would also be so upset that I didn’t marry Zac Efron. But maybe there is still time for that.

Who is your role model and why?

As I’ve gotten older, I continue to be amazed by the people I have in my life — from my parents and my whole family tree to the teachers I’ve had. It’s hard to pick just one because they all have shaped me into the arrogant lady that I am today — from my parents’ support in letting their kid ‘become an actor,’ to my family cheering me on when I booked a commercial that literally only showed my ankles, to the teachers who encouraged my weirdness and didn’t try to change it. Oh, and my cat Sammy. Yeah, actually, scratch all the mushy stuff, just put Sammy Sam.

What is something you have learned in your internship so far? 

Bring a snack on set, and don’t order only rice and potatoes for lunch because your boss, Dave, will judge you.

Just kidding, how much time do you have? Oh, is this the end of the blog post? Guess I’ll have to tell you next time.

See you later, alligator.


Savannah Bruffey is a video intern at Tigermoth, enjoys crafting, thrifting, and spending time with her cat. Occasionally, she pretends to be different people in film and theatre.