Meet the Team: Jack Clodfelter

What drew you to intern with the Tigermoth team?

There are two main reasons I was drawn to Tigermoth Creative. First, I’ve known the Director of Creative Writing (Andrea Spencer) for most of my life, so having her as my supervisor was compelling motivation to join. Second, TMC’s mission of honest storytelling aligned with my own desire to keep daily conversations genuine. Therefore, we seemed like a perfect fit for each other.

What’s been your most valuable takeaway from high school?

You must build lasting relationships with classmates, teachers, and community members to have any hope of high school fulfillment. Even though you’ll break contact with most of them, it’s still essential to practice a healthy social life. I did a terrible job of this, bouncing between groups of people and avoiding opportunities to socialize. Overachieving (my remedy for all evils) could never fill this void. It left me feeling stranded. The lesson here is to find your true friends early and embrace them.

What does your playlist look like?

I primarily listen to rock ’n roll (classical, bluesy, alternative, the whole shabang). However, like many other people, this changes depending on my mood. If I feel particularly punked out on the road, 102 JAMS is always my best bet. If I’m trying to sleep or study, George Williams’ blizzardy piano chords never fail to soothe.

What’s your comfort food?

Chicken (in any form) is a guaranteed winner. It’s impossible to mess up, and because the health benefits are undeniable, I can eat it without shame. The irony of this situation is that my dad absolutely hates the stuff (he had a traumatic experience with chicken as a child). Therefore, we don’t keep it in the house, and I can only get it when dining out.

What is your ideal career path? How has it changed over time?

As a little kid, I religiously watched the British TV series All Creatures Great and Small, which followed the trials and antics of depression-era country vets. Being a romantic, I was ready to pack my bags and hit the rolling English Dales. However, a growing hatred of chemistry and alcoholic odors has caused me to set aside this dream. I haven’t since settled on an ideal career, but I’d like it to involve the ocean or rugged exercise.

Where would you take the Tigermoth team out to dinner?

I’m a man of simple tastes when it comes to food, but everyone else on the team seems infinitely sophisticated. With that in mind, I’d take them to Buffalo Wild Wings during March Madness because we all need to have a little fun and watch a rivalry game.

What surprised you most when you came to Tigermoth?

I expected to find more people in the office at any given time, but since the pandemic wrote its own rules, some of the business has gone remote. However, this hasn’t stopped the team from communicating flawlessly and maintaining a solid partnership. It seems that revolutionary tech has improved work thus far.

What’s your favorite outdoor pastime?

Competitive crew has been my favorite outdoor sport for years, and I’ve found most of my friends through the program. With its regattas, boat physics, and challenges of nature, rowing has this graceful magic that can’t be explained. I couldn’t take more than a week off without desperately wanting back in the boat. 

Who is the most important person in your life?

My dad is the granite foundation of my flimsy cardboard castle. He motivates me to work when all feels lost, does most household maintenance, pays the mortgage, and presents a model of order (like one of Copernicus’ little solar models). He’s also hilarious, and he effortlessly makes others laugh. Someday, I hope to embody all these qualities.

Jack Clodfelter served as an intern during his senior year at Greensboro Day School. He aspires to travel the globe while still retaining his North Carolina roots. Always the challenge seeker, Jack craves pushing his limits in song, poetic verse, ceramic art and strenuous sports.