Meet the Team: Katie Kane

Welcome to the TMC interview! So — you’re originally from New Jersey and you recently graduated from Elon University. What attracted you to Elon University and the Greensboro area in the first place? 

I was interested in a few schools near Elon and heard about the school from other students in my area that had gone there so I thought I’d add it onto my list. Of course when I visited I fell in love with the school and was blown away by how beautiful the campus is. While touring, I walked by a fashion photoshoot for the student-run lifestyle magazine and I was sold. I initially wanted to be a fashion journalist and was so excited to see I could actually pursue that dream before even graduating.

During my junior year at Elon, I got the opportunity to intern for a boutique downtown, Antlers and Astronauts, specializing in vintage clothing decor and local artisan goods. I started spending a lot more time in Greensboro and making coffee shops and bookstores there my own personal satellite offices. I love the street art everywhere and the small city feel of Greensboro — I’m also a bit crunchy and love how close the city is to amazing hiking trails and the mountains.

Tell us more about your experience at Elon University. What did you love most about going to school there?

The journalism program at Elon was what initially drew me to the university, however, I didn’t even begin to fathom how much further my education would go outside of journalism. I got the chance to become a fashion writer and editor for the student lifestyle magazine, work in the control room for a student-run entertainment show and eventually spend a semester abroad in London where I got to study, travel and work at a fashion start-up. Being a part of the communications program, I got to explore so many other creative outlets and eventually added on a second degree in communications design, which opened up a whole other set of possibilities for me. I feel very lucky to have had all of these opportunities and try out so many things that I don’t think I would have had if it wasn’t for Elon.

Who is your biggest inspiration in life and how did they help shape you into the person you are today?

I have always looked up to my step-grandmother. I met her when I was about 8-years-old, and the more time I spent with her, I was amazed by the life she lived  She worked on Wall Street when very few women did so and was the first female mayor of her town, Chappaqua, NY, in the eighties. She helped build a Planned Parenthood in the area and was dedicated to bettering her community. She was anything but reserved and always spoke her mind. She always encouraged me to go after what I wanted, be unapologetic in my pursuits and to never let anyone hold me back.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I love to travel and explore so I hope a 32-year-old Katie is in a brand new place she has never experienced before, ideally with some mountains and plenty of natural spaces nearby. In addition to writing and design, I am also a fitness instructor and a bit of a wellness junkie so I hope to be in a position where I get to marry all of my passions into one project or business. But who knows, I’m always changing my mind.

What is your ultimate dream job? If you could make an impact doing anything, what would it be?

I’d love to be a ghostwriter. I grew up watching CBS Sunday morning with my dad every weekend and was always fascinated by the people they would meet and the stories they would tell. That was probably when I first discovered how impactful storytelling is and how important having a voice and a platform can be. Getting the opportunity to dive into someone’s story and tell it in a way that not only gives them a voice but helps others find their own is incredibly powerful and something I’d love to be able to do.

What surprises you the most about Tigermoth?

What surprises me the most about Tigermoth is how much work gets done by so few people! Everyone works incredibly hard on so many projects for such a diverse group of clients, sometimes I forget there are only six people here.

Katie Kane is a Marketing Coordinator at Tigermoth Creative. The New Jersey native studied graphic design and journalism at Elon University and continues to do both in Greensboro. Her dream is to own her own fitness studio, with expertly designed branding, of course.