In Surry County, high schoolers launch careers

Build a house. Produce websites and videos. Run a farm. Start a business. See what it’s like to become a chef, a pharmacy tech, or an architect.

Surry County Schools offers high school students innovative and exciting opportunities that set them up for success at a young age. Along six career pathways, students obtain work-based learning experiences (both paid and unpaid), college credit and industry certification. Here, they learn by doing and jump right into well-paying, in-demand industries. 

The pathways to college and career are impressive, but how do you take all of these possibilities and lay them out for a highschooler who never even imagined that they might be available? 

In a 32-page digital publication designed, written, and photographed by Team Tigermoth, Surry County Schools shares the potential inside their walls… and far beyond. It’s a piece that’s garnering attention among other districts and educational agencies, especially for its promotion of outstanding programming within rural communities, where public school budgets are especially challenging.

Through the messaging we developed in partnership with their team, the district is changing the narrative of rural school districts. This is the promise of Surry County Schools: they are thinking about the high school experience differently, ensuring that it’s a place for students to live, grow and discover what they love… to be brave, bold and open to the possibilities for their future. It’s their choices to make, their paths to take. 

Surry’s innovative approach helps students imagine their future, keeps them in school thanks to an exciting learning path, and increases county-wide graduation rates. As students learn by doing, they make a difference in their own lives while having an impact on their community. 

The staff really knows their kids and families, care deeply, and have worked diligently to put together extensive and impressive programming for a small district like this. I’m so proud to work with them.” – Lyda Carpen, Creative Director at Tigermoth Creative

What comes next? A video series showcasing all six CTE pathways, so that Surry’s voice — a voice that is changing the model of hands-on learning for the state of North Carolina — can continue to be heard. Because, in the end, Surry County Schools isn’t just offering a high school program; they’re offering a form of support that reaches far beyond the individual, impacting not only the life of the student, but of their families and of the very communities they come from. 

Abigail Leow is a former Tigermoth Creative intern who has somehow found herself across the pond in Brighton, UK, but couldn’t quite leave Tigermoth life behind. Now providing part-time copywriting support to the team and working full-time as a Content & Marketing Executive at BrightLocal, Abigail spends her (limited) free time baking, gaming, and exploring the local baked-goods scene.