Getting creative with canines

One day, Shauna Ireland (one of our talented video and photography assistants) and her wife Rosemary decided to adopt a puppy — but they came home with two. It seemed like a disastrous idea, but now Shauna can’t imagine separating River and Parker. Sure, they have drama. Sharing toys is difficult on the best of days, but these brothers are undoubtedly staunch friends. Being a creative genius, Shauna now finds passion in photographing their antics. She’s learned all the tricks to make them behave; sometimes it takes a bribe or blowing a duck call, but most photographs are spur of the moment. This forces Shauna to stay sharp, ready to draw her camera at a moment’s notice. The Tigermoth enjoys Shauna’s amusing canine photography, and we thought you would too!

Jack Clodfelter served as an intern during his senior year at Greensboro Day School. He aspires to travel the globe while still retaining his North Carolina roots. Always the challenge seeker, Jack craves pushing his limits in song, poetic verse, ceramic art and strenuous sports.