CEOs and marketing directors, stop believing these 4 myths about brand messaging

When you approach storytelling the way we do, you quickly learn the power of authentic, intentional brand messaging. While it may not sound flashy on the surface, messaging brings the soul of your brand to life in a way that builds a cohesive narrative and creates the foundation for all the strategy and content that comes next — from a documentary-length video to a single tweet. 

Starting with messaging means your brand can start to show up authentically and consistently, in every conversation, on every platform, internally and externally — even before your annual report or new website is finished.

We talk about and use messaging all day, every day here at Tigermoth — but we know not everyone is familiar with just how versatile a tool it is. Maybe you haven’t invested in it yet because of what you think you know about messaging. If you haven’t explored messaging as a tool for your organization, let us help you get started by sharing four misconceptions about brand messaging we love to prove wrong: 

MYTH: “Tigermoth will come to us with our story or campaign already planned out.”
REALITY: Your messaging feels like you because it comes from you.

Our messaging project with ProBenefits, a relationship-driven health benefits administrator in Winston-Salem, started like all our other messaging projects — with a blank piece of paper and all our attention on you. From the first time we meet, we’re listening for the soul of your brand in how talk about what you do and why you do it. Your messaging will be rooted in what drives you and your organization every day, and you’ll hear yourselves and other stakeholders authentically represented in the final narrative. This makes buy-in from your team easier and implementation feel more natural. The most powerful taglines or headlines often come straight from your mouths — we just elevate it to show you the impact it can have. 

MYTH: “Our new messaging won’t be relevant in a few months once the trends change.”
REALITY: Your messaging is timeless, not trendy.

Unlike viral TikTok trends or the latest meme format, story-driven brand messaging is made to last because it’s rooted in something deeper and more meaningful than a pop culture joke: it’s rooted in your story and values. For ProBenefits, this means ideas like gratitude, intentionality, community and flexibility — core values that don’t change with the news cycle. It’s durable and evergreen, making it an investment that continues to pay off over time and guide your marketing and communications projects for years to come. 

MYTH: “There aren’t that many uses for it besides updating our website.”
REALITY: Your messaging can be put to work right away, everywhere.

What do brand videos, social media strategy, fundraising emails, digital ads and environmental graphics all have in common? They’re all built on the foundation that we create together during the Discovery and Messaging process. Everything from a documentary-length video to a single tweet is informed by your messaging, and because we include copy-and-paste-ready language like headlines and narratives for targeted audiences, it’s immediately useful and incredibly versatile. It becomes your tool that can be proliferated through all of your marketing and communications. We didn’t stop with incorporating ProBenefits’ narrative on their website; it’s also woven through all of their sales materials. Your stakeholders will be thrilled to see the messaging in action within days — not fiscal years. 

MYTH: “This is only important for directors or senior employees to know about.”
REALITY: Your messaging gives your whole team a common language.

CEOs and marketing directors, your messaging document isn’t something to hide away for only you and your board of directors to see. It helps everyone understand the most important talking points about your organization to better align internal and external communications. When we plan your discovery workshop, we’ll help you decide which stakeholders are most important to bring to the table — giving you better insight on how different individuals perceive your organization and what tools they need in order to talk about it. We also have experience developing custom trainings and resources to help different complex organizations implement messaging across departments and roles. When everyone on your team — from president to project manager, consultant to customer service — knows how to channel your brand story when talking to clients, partners and the community, your impact grows.

Looking for an example of a comprehensive messaging project in action? Your brand’s website has countless opportunities where intentionally crafted and incorporated messaging pack a high impact punch. For ProBenefits, their custom narrative was a valuable drag and drop tool that allowed them to put their messaging front and center — and anywhere else they wanted, online or offline. We didn’t decide for them that building trust is central to what they do and the way they work. They told us. We listened. And then we helped leverage what’s most important to them — just like we’ll do with you.

Ready to get started on your messaging project? Reach out to us on our Contact page! 

Sarah Leck is a Copywriter at Tigermoth Creative. Born and raised in North Carolina, Sarah is a hiker, photographer and expert thrifter. One day, she would like to run a summer camp and travel the country by rail.