A heart and a head for higher ed

Creative agencies tend to have a specialized area that serves as the foundation for much of their work. That niche may be furniture or fashion or food. For Tigermoth, it’s higher education — and we fully intend to build on our background by working closely with nonprofits that mean a lot to us as well.

Every member of our team can pinpoint the moment that he or she left a position in order to pursue a path with a greater sense of purpose. That path led each of us to the same university. We discovered our purpose in producing work that helps support bright students and their families, dedicated teachers, brilliant researchers, and all who benefit from the programs and services that a university provides.

Combined, we have more than 80 years of experience in higher education. This background makes us sensitive to the many transitions and challenges that colleges and universities have had to face in the last decade. As a result, we have a deep understanding of our higher ed clients, and we share in their mission – particularly that of public education.

One of the many jewels of working as marketing and communication professionals for a university is that our work spans multiple audiences and a variety of goals.

In prospective student marketing, we’re engaging with would-be students and giving them the impetus and means to apply and become admitted while helping universities achieve enrollment goals.

In marketing to alumni, donors and the greater community, we’re building affinity, connection and support.

When developing communications for current students, faculty and staff, we’re helping bring the university together to enhance understanding of the school’s strengths and strategic direction.

Our work also raises critical funding for community engagement efforts and the research enterprise.

The thread running through our work in higher education is storytelling – the well-crafted narratives of those who are the university mission, personified.

From alumni magazines to university websites to collateral that ranges from viewbooks to annual reports to campaign case statements, we’ve done it all in higher ed – and we keep coming back for more. Why? Our commitment to higher education runs deep because we’re inspired by the success stories of students, faculty and alumni, and we take seriously our calling to ensure they reach and inspire others, near and far.