Cheers to you — and to becoming a part of your story

At Tigermoth, food and drink is a regular topic of conversation, which makes destination marketing one of our passions and strengths. We love frequenting our favorite spots around town, discovering what other cities have to offer, and supporting new restaurants and bars — especially when we can access them on foot or LimeBike! And just between us, we’ve also been known to cozy up to the Tigermoth bar with the occasional cocktail toward the end of the workday.

With a variety of personalities in the office, we don’t always agree on who has the best bulgogi or the most savory pot sticker, but there is one thing we all know without a doubt  — 1618 mixologist Max Barwick knows how to make a mean cocktail! Lucky for us, 1618 is a longstanding client, so we get to spend a fair amount of time at their Midtown and Downtown locations, capturing the art of libation creation and delicious dining. And, when we had the idea to create a signature “Tigermoth Cocktail” for our 2015 launch party, Max was our man, and the drink was a huge hit.

Here’s the thing: When we’re working with clients, it’s not just the product or the business that matters to us; it’s the people and their stories. It’s uncovering what makes them tick, what makes them distinctive, what drives their passion. That’s how 1618 became more than a client to us and Max more than a master mixologist — we quickly saw him as one of Greensboro’s many talented local fixtures and 1618 as a vital contributor to Greensboro’s sense of culture and community, and that’s something we always enjoy celebrating and supporting.

If you’re also into food and drink, travel, outdoor adventuring, and the like, stay tuned for a series of posts featuring images and videos from around our community (like the Rockingham rivers video, below) and from around the communities we visit during our work travels. Rumor has it we might just be heading to D.C., New York City and even Vietnam in the very near future. We look forward to sharing our view through our lens as we celebrate great places to be and the people that call them home.

When Bouvier Kelly asked us to partner on a project to promote outdoor adventure in Rockingham County, we jumped at the chance to showcase the natural beauty of a place that’s not far, but feels like a world away. From hiking to kayaking to fishing to tubing, Rockingham’s state parks and flowing rivers have a lot to offer, and we were thrilled to help film a TV spot to promote this fun and relaxing destination located right outside Greensboro.