Creating a Lasting Impression

The rhythmic breathing of the Heidelberg. The anticipation as the ink rolls on the paper. The press closing with authority to make a gorgeous impression — not only on the paper, but on the Tigermoth team.

Recently, Dave, Chris, Lyda and Andrea spent the day at Alan Henderson Studio in Winston-Salem to film Alan, a letterpress printer, for a special video we have coming up about the inspiring work of craftsmen. At the same time, we had the opportunity to watch our new business cards, coasters and bookmarks come off the press. Alan’s work is truly a hands-on, high-quality, customized process with stunning results. We can’t wait to take you inside his studio and share what makes his handcrafted process so impressive. Stay tuned.

For now, a few stills will give you a feel for why we selected Alan Henderson Studio to help bring our brand identity to life.


Andrea Crossley Spencer is Co-founder and Director of Creative Writing at Tigermoth Creative. Her 20-year copywriting career spans advertising agencies and higher education. A fiction writer, Andrea is represented by Maria Carvainis Agency. She teaches writing workshops to young writers in local schools.