What I learned while doing yoga with Team Tigermoth

At Tigermoth Creative, everyone works really hard and the pressure is on when deadlines begin to stack up. There is always something to do. In order for the team to work at its best, it is important for everyone to have the opportunity to unwind — and when better to unwind than in the middle of your workday, right? Each Thursday Team Tigermoth has a weekly yoga session with a certified yoga instructor who comes to the office (which, come to think of it, makes for a pretty great yoga studio!)

The team invited me to join in and of course, I said “YES!” — or maybe I just excitedly said,“YES!” in my head. In real life, it probably sounded a lot more timid and like a lowercase “yes”. So I came to work with my yoga mat in tow ready to do yoga in the middle of my Thursday.

When it was time for the yoga session,  I was super excited and nervous to begin. I did not know what type of yoga I would be doing. I thought it may be difficult or that I may mess up. I am extremely clumsy so you can just imagine me trying to do a headstand or some other complicated pose. I was starting to get in my head, and I knew that I needed to relax. I began to encourage myself. “Shelley, try to calm down. You are just doing yoga. It’s no big deal.”

It was time; the instructor was starting the class. She began by allowing us to take deep breaths and, boy, did I need to take a few. My flight or fight instincts were running high. After a few deep breaths, I felt much more relaxed but still anticipated the class getting harder. To my surprise, the yoga practice was easy breezy and just what I needed. There was never a need for me to worry; it was all good.

Even Dave was quiet

As we got into the poses, I looked around to see how everyone was doing — and I noticed something. Everyone was peaceful, relaxed, and in that moment, serene. Team Tigermoth does not always get the chance to relax, and they truly deserve it. This was their moment to do just that. Even Dave was quiet. If you know Dave, you know he does not sit still and is not quiet for very long.

I was amazed at the calmness and positive energy flowing through the room. Everyone was at ease and their previously held tension was visibly dissipating. It seemed that we were all inhaling peace and tranquility and exhaling tension and stress, with each deep breath.

By the end of the practice, spirits were lifted and positive energy was running high. This was a really great experience for me because I got to spend time with people at work who desire some of the same things I do laughter, joy, and a moment of peace and relaxation.

So often in the workplace, we work, work, work — but we forget that we need to relax as well. In my opinion, the best work is done when people are at their most peaceful. Tigermoth’s weekly yoga sessions show that they value this. There are so many reasons why Team Tigermoth is wonderful, but there is something awesome to be said about a team that can work and relax together.

Inhale. Exhale.

Shelley Ibarra, intern

Shelley Ibarra is a Project Management Intern at Tigermoth Creative. She enjoys just about anything outdoors from kayaking to hiking. Her long term dreams are to become an event planner in the business world.