What I learned while eating a “Big Ass Burrito” with Team Tigermoth

I have completed my first few weeks as an intern at Tigermoth Creative. Each Tuesday there is a weekly staff meeting where the team grabs some lunch and goes over business and current projects. When the team orders lunch I usually say, “No, thank you, I’m good.” But, on this day I was feeling a little crazy and the place they were ordering from caught my interest: Bandito Bodega.

One of Greensboro’s favorite food trucks, Bandito Bodega is now a brick and mortar restaurant which seemed intriguing to me! As I perused the menu, one thing jumped off the list at me: the Big Ass Burrito. I thought, “Well, with a name like that it must be pretty tasty!”

When I declared to the team that I wanted the Big Ass Burrito, there was silence and then laughter. They were used to my somewhat quiet, southern drawl, so it took them by surprise, and we all shared a laugh.

Kevin went to pick up our orders and came back with my burrito. Once he handed me mine, I could not believe how large it was. I was a little worried — “How will I eat this without looking like a human savage?” As I sat with the team and they talked and ate, I felt comfortable and decided to just dive in.

So, I ate my messy burrito with the team as they chatted, relishing in the sweet moment of happiness I felt because I could actually ENJOY my food. You know, when you are with people and you aren’t comfortable with them and you have yummy food but you have to analyze every bite before you eat it so you don’t look like a mess?  Well, I didn’t feel like this at all. I just felt like part of the family.

The team at Tigermoth has an awesome way of making people comfortable and feel at home in their space. It’s always fun to make jokes and laugh with everyone because they make you feel comfortable enough to laugh at yourself.

So often, in this world, we are taught that we must conform. Individuality is not embraced, and work is not always a place where you can develop lasting friendships with people who truly care about you. Being comfortable in yourself is so important and Tigermoth is a place where I can truly say I can be myself — even while eating a Big Ass Burrito.

Shelley Ibarra, intern

Shelley Ibarra is a Project Management Intern at Tigermoth Creative. She enjoys just about anything outdoors from kayaking to hiking. Her long term dreams are to become an event planner in the business world.