What I learned during my 10-week internship with Team Tigermoth

What I learned during my 10-week internship with Team Tigermoth

When I first started my internship I was not quite sure what to expect. I didn’t know if I would be the type of intern who goes on coffee runs or the type that actually does work. Thankfully, I have been the latter. I have gotten to work on so many projects this summer to help the team become more efficient and to help Rebecca with her very busy schedule.

During the beginning of my internship, each member of the team took time to show me what they do and how they do it. I had a pretty general idea from their bios on the website, but little did I know that was just the surface. There was so much more to learn.

As I met with the team I started to learn what each person does and how many things they all juggle everyday. Everyone does a lot more than I originally thought. For example, Rebecca is Director of Client Services, but she does so much more than just this. She is also the project manager, traffic manager, bookkeeper, and the person who keeps everyone in the office sane. This is just one example, but there are many others. The team works together to meet their goals and this takes a lot of hard work — and a lot of the time, people have to take on other roles to get the job done.

Early on I noticed that the team works almost all the time. Many companies work 9-5, but Tigermoth Creative works however long it takes to get the job done and make sure their clients have what they need. They are all so passionate about their work. I figured this out because I get emails from the team at all hours when they are editing and commenting on documents. One day I asked Lyda, “Do y’all ever get to sleep?” and she replied with a laugh, “Yeah, we sleep…sometimes.” After all, the best ideas come at 2 am, right?

Through this experience, I learned, firsthand, what it is like to be a project manager. I saw how hard it is to manage everything and keep up with all the little details.

But even better, I learned what it’s like to work with a team of people who really care about one another and are invested in each other’s success. Each person has become a mentor to me in some way. They took the time to invest in me since the beginning — and as a result they’ve made a huge impact in my life.

I am thankful for this experience and the team’s ability to foster a sense of confidence in my life. I will never be able to express how working with Team Tigermoth has helped me with my confidence level in my work ability. This experience has shown me that I have valuable skills and I am useful. I did not always feel like this before, but I can happily say that I am 10 times more confident in my ability since the first day of my internship.

Working with this team has allowed me to experience the project management field, but has also given me connections that I will cherish for a lifetime.

Thank you all, for everything.

Shelley Ibarra, intern

Shelley Ibarra is a Project Management Intern at Tigermoth Creative. She enjoys just about anything outdoors from kayaking to hiking. Her long-term dreams are to become an event planner in the business world.