Meet the Team: Juliet Coen

Juliet Coen joined the Tigermoth Creative team in spring 2022 as a videography and photography intern.

You’re studying videography and photography at Randolph Community College. What makes Tigermoth the right fit for your internship?
The whole reason I got into photography and videography in the first place is because I love telling stories. I want to become a photographer who can share the stories of others to inspire change — or at least a change of heart. Tigermoth’s mission to uncover a client’s heart and soul and empower the voices of organizations doing great work is exactly the kind of work I want to do. It just felt right.

What has surprised you the most since you’ve been working here?
How cohesive a work environment Tigermoth has. Despite having five co-owners, each of them has their own job and responsibilities. Each person is a puzzle piece, and Tigermoth wouldn’t be complete without them.

Who is your biggest inspiration or role model in life? How did they help shape you to the person you are today?
My biggest role model would probably be my dad. Cheesy, I know. He’s the one who really taught me how important storytelling is. Every time I would show him a piece of my writing or a photograph he would always ask me, “What is the story?” He’s always been my biggest supporter when it comes to photography, constantly pushing me to do better. 

What are three foods you can’t live without?
Sushi, cheese, and really good sandwiches.

Tell us about your favorite photo or video. How did you capture it and why are you proud of it?

My favorite photo I’ve taken happened when I went to Peru in 2017. I had just started to really get into photography, and this trip was the perfect time for me to practice. The first day my group and I were in Cusco, it was raining pretty heavily. But just as quickly as the rain came on, it stopped and the sun shone through the clouds. My body reacted faster than my brain and before I knew it I was snapping a picture of two people walking with their umbrellas, the city backlit by the sun in a way that made everything appear to be black and white. It’s one of those pictures where people don’t quite believe me when I tell them it’s in color, but that’s what makes it so special. 

What is your favorite movie?
“Castle In the Sky” by Hayao Miyazaki. I’ve loved it ever since I was little. It’s a perfect combination of action, adventure, and gorgeous animation. Oldie but a goodie!

If you could make an impact and leave your mark on the world in any way you wanted, what would it be?
My ultimate goal is for my photographs to have an impact on the world. I want to make life better for others by telling their stories and sharing information with the world that could inspire others to make a change. I want my photography to have a positive impact.

What has been your biggest accomplishment while working at Tigermoth?
Editing and producing a video on Tigermoth’s own Katie Hutchinson has been an amazing experience. Working together with Dave on this video project has been very rewarding, and Katie’s underground hip-hop series, Beats Batch, is a fun and fascinating subject.

How have you grown during your internship?
I think I am becoming more confident in my abilities, especially with technology. The sheer amount of new information seemed daunting at first, but with time and help from my supervisors at Tigermoth, every day it feels more manageable. 

Juliet Coen is a photo and video intern at Tigermoth Creative. When she’s not holding a camera, her interests include painting, embroidery, video games and having too many hobbies. She hopes that the work she does has a positive impact on the world.