Tigermoth is a place that welcomes a variety of caffeinated beverages, witty humor and awesome interns who want to dig into the joys and rigors of agency life. Our interns give the office a boost of energy, not to mention great support to keep projects moving. Along the way, they learn a lot about the industry and about why we love what we do. We’re happy to be able to feature their voices here on the Tigermoth blog. This week, we asked the entire TMC team to interview Luke Scalf. Here is what we learned about our project management intern.

From The Eyes of the Intern

A Q&A with Luke Scalf

Welcome to the TMC interview! So — you just moved back to the area from Pensacola, Florida, what did you miss most about the area while you were in Florida at Pensacola State?

I missed the food and the scenery the most while down in Florida.  I grew up on barbecue, Cheerwine and beautiful mountain sceneries that are all pretty hard to find in Florida.

Tell us more about your experience at Pensacola State — what did you love most about going to school there?

The staff was always very helpful and accommodating due to the small size of the school.  All of my teachers knew me by name and would always go above and beyond to make sure that I was receiving everything I needed to succeed.

Who is your biggest inspiration in life and how did they help shape you into the person you are today?

My biggest inspiration in life would have to be my Mom.  She is one of the strongest and most loving people I know, and she would do anything to take care of her family.  She has taught me by example about patience, hard work and unconditional love. I would not be who I am today without her.

Favorite movie and why. Have you ever cried at a movie? Which one?

My favorite movie would have to be Raiders of the Lost Ark. Ever since seeing it as a kid all I wanted in the world was to be an archaeologist with the hat and whip.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

People who stand up right when a plane pulls up to the gate regardless of their proximity to the front.  If you’re in the back of a plane, immediately standing up isn’t going to get you off the plane any faster.

Why did you want to work for Tigermoth Creative?

The main reason that I wanted to work for Tigermoth Creative is that one of their leading principals is storytelling.  I thought that this was a fresh take on marketing that really separated them from other marketing and advertising agencies. I have always been a sucker for a good story and I think that once I learned this, it only seemed natural that I work for them.

Talk more about your love for Cuban Food and Cincinnati style chili?

Growing up, Cuban food and Cincinnati chili were not just food preferences, but staples of the Scalf diet.  Cubanos, ropa vieja and 3-ways were dishes served on a regular basis.  Dishes like these are just like the house that I grew up in, they are home.

What advice would you give a high school student preparing for college?

Show up to class and do the homework! Both of these things are easy to do and really make a difference in the eyes of the professor. Plus, if you need that little grade boost at the end of the semester this can really help you.  

What are you passionate about?

One of my biggest passions in life is the outdoors. Scouting and the North Carolina countryside were my first introduction into the beauty that nature has to offer.  One of my biggest goals in life is to see as much of the natural splendor the world has to offer as I possibly can.

Two weeks into your internship what have you already learned?

Two weeks into my internship has taught me that the little details matter! Whether it’s lighting on a photo shoot or color schemes and font on a website, all of the little details add to a collective image. When one aspect is overlooked, people notice.

Who makes you laugh harder than anyone else?

The Joe Rogan Experience is always a great laugh. The variety of guests on his podcast provide banter that will cater to just about anyone’s comedic preferences.

What do you hope to learn during the rest of your internship?

During the rest of my internship I would like to learn more about the process of turning ideas in a meeting into ad campaigns that you see on websites, social media and print.

How is being in the Tigermoth office different from how you imagined?

I came into the Tigermoth office not knowing what to expect. I had heard that the office was laid back, but I have come to learn that while it may appear that way, there is a method to the madness.  Everything has meaning and if you pay attention to the small details, the bigger picture comes together. Something as small as Dave giving shoulder massages to co-workers may appear to the casual observer to be an attempt to get one himself, but underneath the surface, you would notice that it may have been a stressful day and this was his way to help his family.  That is exactly what Tigermoth is, one big family that loves and supports each other especially on those stressful days when all you really want is a shoulder massage.


Luke Scalf is a Project Management Intern at Tigermoth Creative. He enjoys outdoor adventures, working out, reading and yoga. His long-term dreams are to own a ranch and raise goats.