3 reasons why we can’t stop thinking about this custom client website

We’re in a season of growth here at Tigermoth Creative. 

Our team is growing, our client list is expanding, and we’re finding inspiring partners in new areas. As much as looking forward helps motivate us to continue telling powerful stories, we also find ourselves reflecting on how we got here. Years of building meaningful connections with clients who are doing meaningful work. Years of discovering the heart and soul of your brand and crafting your stories.

One of the projects we can’t stop thinking about is the website we built for High Point-based furniture maker Home Insights Furniture in 2018. They needed a web presence that brought their values and aesthetic front-and-center, emphasized the qualities that set them apart, and were ready to greet designers and buyers searching for them online after seeing their pieces in a showroom. So that’s what we delivered: a fully custom website with integrated messaging, a redesigned logo and new photography, born from collaboration and collective expertise.

This idea isn’t new — we’ve been doing this work for a long time and we approach all projects story-first. But there are a few reasons why this project stands out to us and stands the test of time:

It marks the beginning of a years-long partnership.
Tigermoth is fortunate to work with a talented and driven group of creative contractors, which allows us to expand our services while ensuring that our work meets our high standards. One of these experts is our web developer, Jim Ferguson — a wizard of all things WordPress. The first site we built with Jim was this one for Home Insights Furniture and we knew instantly that he was someone we would be working with again and again. He just gets us, meaning the design and development aspects of the project are totally seamless to the client.

We created it from the ground up.
As Creative Director Lyda Carpen likes to say around the office, this was a true “soup to nuts” project that exemplifies all-inclusive website development — which goes way beyond just the way the site looks. Director of Creative Writing Andrea Spencer remembers this project fondly as one of our first comprehensive messaging projects. We guided the Home Insights team through Discovery, developed powerful messaging and wrote taglines, headlines and web copy from what we learned. Lyda accompanied Director of Photography Chris English to the Home Insights showroom to photograph pieces for the website, focusing on unique textures and pieces that showed their range of styles. We created a new logo and Lyda designed eye-catching features for the site, like the rotating tagline on the home page and dresser gif on the Design + Finishes page. Every part of the site was created with intention and got the Tigermoth treatment.

The client trusted us to do exactly what we thought was best.
During our partnership with the Home Insights Furniture team, we were fully entrusted with the vision for their website. We were humbled — and excited by — their total confidence in us as experts in our crafts. We went where the story and design led us, including little details like the quotes on the bottom of each page. At the bottom of the Design + Finishes page, you’ll see the Charles Eames quote, “The details are not the details. They make the design.” We agree. When creatives are allowed to get creative, the result is a beautiful representation of each contributing artist’s skills and a testament to the possibilities of collaboration. 

We’d love to partner with you on reimagining your website — reach out to us!

Sarah Leck is a Copywriter at Tigermoth Creative. Born and raised in North Carolina, Sarah is a hiker, photographer and expert thrifter. One day, she would like to run a summer camp and travel the country by rail.