Community in education: raising enrollment rates in a rural school district

You don’t need a lot of words to tell the best story; you just need the right ones — and for Tigermoth that always starts with getting to know our clients and developing a rich understanding of their mission and impact.

Our partnership with Stokes County Schools kicked off with a discovery workshop that allowed us to develop a solid messaging foundation to support every project that followed: 

  • Photography capturing the supportive and engaging culture of the district
  • A new enrollment landing page
  • Six unique Facebook/Instagram ads
  • Three downloadable flyers delineating Stokes’ community-based approach to elementary, middle and high school. 

The result?  A 358% increase in sessions on the enrollment page as well as noticeable increases in student enrollment, our ultimate goal. 

We also saw 169,212 impressions of the 142,857 impressions ordered, resulting in over 26,000 bonus impressions to our target audience.


Stokes County Schools may be a small school district, but its size is a strength, one that goes hand-in-hand with the main pillar of their approach to education: community. And the best way to encourage community is to focus on the individual and foster close relationships with each student. 

Bonds run deep. Classes run small. Futures look bright.

— Stokes County Schools’ new enrollment tagline.

The whole community rallies behind each and every person so that every person feels moved to rally for the community, which makes all the difference in student learning — something you can see in the photography we captured during our recent work with them. 

As for Tigermoth, our work with Stokes is a pretty good representation of what we do: giving voice to the little guy doing big things.

Abigail Leow is a copywriting intern at Tigermoth Creative. In her freetime she is a poet, visual artist, and lover-of-all-things-spooky. Her dream is to one day overcome her fear of the office mannequin (and be a published poet and fiction writer).