Ready to craft: The art of brewing and brand storytelling converge

Ready to craft: The art of brewing and brand storytelling converge


Little Brother Brewing opened in Downtown Greensboro last fall, and from the moment the first beer was poured, this great find on the corner of Elm and McGee has had no problem attracting a crowd. Owners Jeff Collie and Daniel McCoy have created a winning combination — distinctive, delicious brews, food by Jerusalem Market, musical entertainment and a prime corner location in one of Downtown’s hot spots! When Jeff and Daniel’s vision first began to take shape, our team was thrilled to take part in crafting the brand story for Little Brother Brewing.

The duo, both little brothers in their families, has developed an interesting model: Little Brother is a brewery, a bar, an entertainment venue — and a place for select homebrewers to be apprenticed. They consider their brewers to be artisans who have the ability not only to excite Greensboro’s tastebuds, but to pass along passion for their craft. When you belly up to the bar at Little Brother, you get more than a beer (or a glass of wine — they have a great selection of that, too!); you get great conversation and stories about how their head brewer, Steve Monahan, and his apprentices create their libations.

Like Tigermoth, the Little Brother team is passionate about showcasing the stories surrounding their business, their location, and most of all, their brewmasters and brews. So when they asked us to help develop their identity, we were all in! We conducted a discovery interview and from there created the Little Brother brand story and messaging as well as a logo (affectionately known as “Hop Head Man” in the Tigermoth office) that we’re pretty darn proud of. Our creative director, Lyda Carpen, designed the logo, and then worked with artist Audrey Sage to create a woodcut print of the design for an authentic, hand-hewn final result. Woodcut printmaking is about as old as the craft of beer making, so this traditional method mirrors the handcrafted approach that Little Brother Brewery uses with their tasty brews. With Little Brother just a couple blocks away from the Tigermoth studio, we look forward to the many fun gatherings and happy hours we will celebrate in this downtown destination!

Andrea Crossley Spencer is Co-founder and Director of Creative Writing at Tigermoth Creative. Her 20-year copywriting career spans advertising agencies and higher education, with a focus on brand messaging and fundraising. A fiction writer on the side, Andrea is represented by Copps Literary Services. She teaches writing workshops to young writers in local schools.