Rebecca LaPlante

- Client Services Director -

When it comes to client services and project management, Rebecca LaPlante is like a world-class chess champion. Focused, decisive, always able to anticipate the next move.

Rebecca is going to need a bigger office. Between the job jackets and all of the hats she wears, space is getting a tad crowded. It’s no exaggeration to say that Tigermoth thrives because of the many roles Rebecca fulfills. Client services. Project manager. Traffic manager. Social director. Purveyor of refreshing, just-in-time, Friday night gin & tonics. She wrangles all of the critical details that can make or break a team, and she does it with love and care while holding the rest of us to a higher standard of organization and follow-through. In many ways, she’s our “Tigermother.” Rebecca takes care of our clients and their businesses in much the same way. When she says she’s got it, she’s got it. Just cross it off of your list; it’s done, taken care of. Rebecca takes the lead, and that’s important in project management. When happy hour transitions from the office to Rebecca’s house, she empties out her fridge and whips up delicious apps with the same caring and efficiency in which she turns a client’s project. She’s just that good. She takes professional and personal attention to a whole new level — and that makes you grateful to have her on your side.

uber organized and the ultimate multi-tasker | an ambivert — acts like an extrovert, but “center of attention” is not her thing | she keeps a tin of high-quality chocolates on her desk, and it never empties despite the team’s best efforts | an events planner and food services director in a past life, rebecca is a foodie to the core