Parthenice Tigermoth

- Our Namesake -

Parthenice Tiger Moth: Classified by William Forsell Kirby in the mid 1800s. Discovered by Tigermoth Creative in 2015.

Creatives can find inspiration in the unlikeliest of places. The tiger moth, we had learned, had a pretty cool superpower that fit our team well: the power of extraordinary hearing. We think that’s important — because you can’t craft a great story without listening for the essence of it to emerge. Sure, Parthenice listens for bats, and we listen for the stories that make your brand sing, but still, there was a connection. The tiger moth’s intricate design also caught our eyes. Its vibrant colors were creatively energizing. The wings were impressively patterned in symmetrical design. Elegant but strong. Quiet but able to spark curiosity. The duality of this creature is not unlike the balance we try to strike in our work — the just-right combination of strategy and emotion. Plus, having evaded its No. 1 predator for millions of years, the tiger moth is a survivor. We, too, plan to be around for a long while, doing what we love for people and brands who inspire us.

is most productive late at night — just like many creatives | nature lover | favorite place to hang out: moist meadows and woodland edges | ideal menu: dandelion, ironweed and thistles | produces ultrasonic clicking sounds to confuse bats | brings new life to everything it touches (a pretty way of saying their hairy bodies make them great pollinators)