Lyda Adams Carpen

- Creative Director -

Sure, her work is beautiful, but Lyda’s design isn’t about making things pretty, it’s about weaving meaning into the final piece. It is the underpinning, what brings our words and images to life.

As Tigermoth’s creative director, Lyda Carpen is a visual weaver of stories, a connector of dots, a breaker down of big ideas into smaller, more manageable parts. She has a knack for interpreting a client’s vision to make sure the written and visual content of every project comes together in a consistent and compelling way. Several mantras guide her work. One: Everything — always — should have a reason for why it’s on the page. Two: Listen to the client, ask the right questions, and discover their “why.” Three: Let their “why” guide the development of a long-term narrative that ties together all communications across all mediums. Especially with a group that values relationships the way Tigermoth does, it’s never just about one piece. Lyda gets this as well as anyone. She’s also very in touch with enduring styles. After all, trendy is easy, but knowing what will be relevant for a shelf life and for a brand is what really matters. One more thing: Don’t let Lyda’s generous and caring spirit mislead you. Photoshop filters, anything implemented in a Microsoft product, and before-coffee conversations will put you on her Most Wanted list.

always the voice of reason | doubles as a business therapy coach to the team | used to travel, even met her husband in Finland…then she had kids. | a pixel pusher — if a web layout is off by one space, she’ll catch it | carries a strong sense of self that makes you believe in everything she says (and with good reason) | she is her own yin to her yang: a polished professional and businesswoman with a yogi state of mind| eyes glaze over with too much accounting or nerd talk | we’re pretty sure she doesn’t even know how to think inside the box.