Dave Wilson

- Director of Video Production -

While other 80’s kids were watching The Smurfs and G.I. Joe on Saturday mornings, Dave Wilson was waking up early to Wild Kingdom and Jacques Cousteau.

It wasn’t the study of living creatures that captured Dave’s imagination; it was the storytelling and the cinematography. Now, he’s the storyteller. Take one look at his work, and you’ll see an entire novel come together in a mere snapshot or video edit. There’s a good and simple reason Dave gets storytelling: He gets people. And not just because he’s one of them. He’s just got this covetable, down-to-earth combo of charisma and caring that makes him so likable. Even the camera-shy pronounce, “Ready for my close-up” because they know he’ll capture them authentically, in their truest light. “That’s me,” they say. “Only better.” It’s a little-known fact that Dave was once an airborne combat photographer and videographer in the Army Reserves. That’s right, he used to jump out of planes with his camera in hand and at the ready. If that’s not great training for becoming versatile and always on the lookout for the action that surrounds the story, we don’t know what is. In fact, because Dave’s first passion was photography, he was taught to constantly change perspective, whether shooting stills or motion; he refuses to make the tri-pod do all of the work. That’s one reason why, when our video production arm got its start, Dave and Chris made sure to invest in a MoVI — an impressive piece of equipment that allows them to capture all of the different angles for the documentary approach our clients love.

wields a movi with more ease than you can say, “what’s a movi?” | has shot everything from adventure to documentary to lifestyle | award winning, though he’ll never admit it | a shameless foodie, he seeks out restaurant shoots just to be close to a good osso buco every once in a while | quickly becomes an expert in the latest software | no, he doesn’t put his feet up on the desk, thank you very much