Chris English

- Director of Photography -

This man doesn’t just capture images; he captures moments — authentic, documentary-style, take-you-right-there moments.

Chris English has more than an eye for the craft; he sees what others don’t see, what they can’t see. Those moments he captures…they’re exactly what pulls audiences in and makes them want to be a part of your story. They’ve also helped him garner awards along the way. Just like his counterpart, Dave Wilson, Chris doesn’t just photograph the obvious; he notices the small details that add depth and emotion. He always brings home the excitement of the main action plus all the little details that others often overlook. This approach allows him to convey the story arc and bring to life the full narrative for which he is known. He’s honed this skill since he was 11 and working assignments for the local newspaper. They knew he had a unique ability, and so do we. His passion for visual storytelling is rare in the marketing communication world — and yet it pairs perfectly with the kind of creative that Tigermoth is all about.

if color correcting and color grading is the difference between a specialist and an amateur, chris is among the best | his dyslexic brain lends well to a profession in which he can express himself in images rather than words (that’s correct, he did not write this bio) | views a long lens as a tool, not a necessity | scoffs at instant satisfaction — creative problem solving deserves proper thought and ideation | recovering butt dialer | teddy bear in a poker player’s body | will take Asana over Filemaker every time