Andrea Crossley Spencer

Director of Creative Writing

Andrea finds the words that are on the tip of your tongue and weaves them together with equal parts strategy and emotion.

When you work with Andrea Spencer, you soon realize that she has the ability to read your mind. Do not be afraid, however. She uses her skill for good — good writing, that is. Andrea parses everything you tell her with a storyteller’s ear. When she presents the finished copy, you see all of the critical message points in their greater glory. A fluent translator of jibber jabber, Andrea crafts authentically rendered, beautifully polished language that reflects the essence of your brand while inspiring an emotional connection with the reader. Your readers may laugh, or even shed a tear, but they will always feel that you “get” them. After all, understanding target audiences is a must, and Andrea is adept at stepping into other people’s shoes. Maybe it’s because she’s worn a few different pairs herself — high heels, soccer cleats and, much to our recent surprise, ballroom dance. When not melding words into eye-catching headlines and compelling calls to action, Andrea writes fiction. She even has a fancy New York agent representing her novel. Plus, we love that she is out in the community, sharing her passion with young writers in after-school writing workshops.

expects her champagne to be crisp, like her writing | wants you to know that “copywriting” is the act of creating a written work; “copyrighting” is what protects it | trims copy with the skill of a hibachi chef (except when it comes to texting) | announces her arrival with high heels on hardwoods | could be the soccer player in her, but she’s always one of the first to rally the team