Tigermoth is a place that welcomes a variety of caffeinated beverages, witty humor and the occasional intern. Our interns give the office a boost of energy, not to mention great support to keep projects moving. Along the way, they learn a lot about the industry and about why we love what we do. We’re delighted to feature their voices here on the Tigermoth blog from time to time.

From the Eyes of the Intern

Tessa Figueroa – Day One at Tigermoth

At 25, I feel like I’m a little behind in exploring what I want to do with my life. After a three-year detour teaching English in Japan, I’ve recently returned to the U.S. and am having a hard enough time determining what I want to do for the next year let alone what I want to do with the rest of my life. So in pursuit of possibilities, a close friend of mine pointed me in the direction of Andrea Spencer and Tigermoth Creative.

After a brief introduction, Andrea was kind enough to invite me to visit the Tigermoth office so I could get an idea of the kind of work they did, and whether it seemed like the kind of thing I’d be interested in.

One of the things Andrea really impressed upon me early on was the idea that Tigermoth is a collaborative company, yet they all work on a freelance basis. This gives each member of the team the freedom to utilize his or her experience and focus on individual projects and goals while making it easy for clients to find everything they might need in one place. She said she felt it was a fairly unique approach in the agency world, and gives them an edge, as opposed to working entirely independently or having to pass on the overhead cost that many large agencies face.

I understood what she meant the moment she walked me back to their desks. Six work areas divided by cubicles, three on each side that opened onto a central walkway like leaves on a stem. The arrangement is perfect for working alone, and also for crossing the aisle to visit a different cubicle to ask about layout or photos when you need to consult with a different member of the team.

Andrea introduced me to the other members of Tigermoth, who greeted me with big smiles and happily took the time to talk with me and explain exactly what it was they did and how they fit in with the rest of the company. I was struck by their willingness to take time for me despite knowing that my particular interest is in writing.

Tigermoth functions like a body: each individual part filling its specific role for the good of the whole. The eye does not do the job of the ear; instead they work in tandem to give the body a clear idea of its surroundings. In the same way, Chris’ photography does not tell a story in the same way Andrea’s writing does, and vice versa. Instead I watched them look over Chris’ beautiful selection of photos together to choose one that would best fit the story Andrea needed to tell.

I felt so lucky to get a glimpse of Tigermoth. Seeing them working together has given me new ideas and perspective on how I might use writing in a future career. I left their office optimistic and excited to explore my options.  


Tessa Figueroa is the writing intern at Tigermoth Creative. Having spent three years teaching English in Japan, she’s recently back in the U.S. and looking for new opportunities and adventures. As an intern at Tigermoth she works as a guest blogger, junior copywriter, and generally lends a hand wherever help is needed.